Reference in the Amazon

PPHIST is consolidated as the first Doctorate degree in the Amazon region, aiming to become a reference for the other states of the north region and also for the other countries that make up Pan-Amazon. The main objective of the Program is to enable historiographical reflection on the social, ethnic and cultural diversity of the Amazon region in relation to local biodiversity. In this sense, it is a matter of training and training researchers and professors within this field of multiple realities. However, the objective is also to promote and create historical studies that relate the reality and historicity of the Amazon with analyzes of other historical dynamics in Brazil and the pan-Amazon region.

It is important to emphasize that the student body of PPHIST is formed, in large part, by professionals whose performance is directly linked to basic education or higher education, in public and private educational institutions. However, some graduates do not follow the path of teaching and perform consulting or management activities in public administration bodies at the municipal, state and federal levels